B2C SEO for Home Builders in Quebec

A Digital Case Study by French Marketing exploring the B2C SEO Data for Home Builders active in the Quebec Market. Compared to Canada, we will see that Search Terms in English Quebec are limited for this industry therefore a Home Building Entrepreneur will have to use numerous related search keywords in order to gain traction for their SEO and SEM CPC Campaigns in the Province. We have detailed the alternatives below!

What are the cities in Quebec where people Search for Home Building Services?

Cities in QuebecPercentSearches/Month
Montreal26.30%            634
Gatineau10.00%            241
Laval5.90%            142
Pointe-Claire4.10%               99
Quebec City3.20%               77
Other cities50.40%         1,215
Total100.00%         2,410
home builder seo quebec city

Seasonality of SEO Search in Quebec for Home Builder

Surprisingly, consumers start to look as early as January and February for their Home Building Project. It makes sense as this is usually the early exploratory phase for either finding a Home Building Firm or comparing options and confirming that the plans for a new home is the right one.

home builder seo quebec seasonality

Home Builder SEO SEM Keyword Ideas for English Quebec

As we mentioned early on, the search volume is very low in Quebec compared to Canada. It would be wise to explore Related Search Terms and assemble your SEO or SEM CPC Campaign based on various other home building terms as follows:

construction company
design build firm
general contracting company
home building company
home contractor
remodeling professional

Home Builder CPC, Competition and Search Volumes for Quebec

We have analyzed 240 Keywords with 186 of those listing less than 10 Searches per month. The total of those searches for Home Builder amount to 2410 with an average CPC of $2.87. The following list of 26 Home Building Service Terms, combined with Related Searches (we invite you to run a Keyword Analysis Session for Home Building Terms as there are many that could be better suited for your needs) seeding list provided above in the previous section, should be a good start for your SEO or SEM CPC:

Home Builder KeywordSearchesCompetition CPC 
home builders140Low $       2.09
cost to build a house90Low $       3.97
tiny house builders70Medium $       2.67
home builders montreal50Medium $       2.54
build your own house50High $       2.33
new home builders montreal50Medium $       1.89
home construction40Low $       4.37
new construction homes40Medium $       3.33
building your own home30High $       2.65
custom home builders montreal20Medium $       5.57
house builder20Medium $       4.90
tiny home builders20Medium $       2.65
custom home builders20Medium $       2.01
log home builders20Low $       1.81
home construction companies10Medium $       4.46
shipping container home builders10High $       3.97
house builders near me10High $       3.79
new construction near me10Medium $       3.27
signature builders10Medium $       3.12
new construction homes near me10High $       2.91
building a new house10Medium $       2.65
home construction companies near me10Medium $       2.37
build your house10Medium $       2.02
new construction homes for sale10High $       2.02
building a new home10High $       2.00
home builders near me10High $       1.48