SEO in Quebec for Automotive Terms

The following French Marketing Automotive SEO Case Study is for people wishing to reach an Auto Industry Professional Audience in Quebec and those who follow the World News for the Automotive Industry.

Auto Marketing Tiers

Auto Tiering at the Automaker level is understood in Marketing as Tier 1 – Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Tier 2 – Dealer Association and Tier 3 – Dealership or Geo level. Note: never allow an agency or consultant to tell you that Tier 1 & 2 Marketing is exactly the same! It is not but this statement alone should tell you that you are not dealing with the right Agency if that is what they tell you. Full Transparency – we know a LOT about Automobile Marketing this is why we are so passionate about setting the record straight 🙂

Auto Supplier Tiers

On the other hand, Auto Supplier Tiering at the Supply level is different as Tier 1 – suppliers supply parts or systems directly to Auto Maker OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), while Tier 2 – suppliers make parts and components for numerous industries including Auto, Tier 3 – supplies raw or base materials for Tiers 1 & 2.

Who looks for Automotive Search Terms?

Why did we explain all of this? Simple, this Case Study is about Automotive Search Terms, it is destined to be used as SEO SEM CPC for people in the Auto Industry – Not just the B2C and local SEO for Auto segment strictly centered around the purchase of a vehicle.

Why is this useful if you are a Dealership? Keep reading!

Automotive SEO Seasonality in Quebec

It is early January and you see an increase in demand for Keywords in English Quebec for Auto, should you bid for those words? The short answer is that it depends.

There are three reasons why you will see an increase in Quebec January Volume for Automotive: 1) Top Safety News about crashworthiness and crash avoidance and mitigation came out in December and people are catching up on their reading based on the News Cycle 2) the biggest Auto Show in Quebec occurs in January 3) Auto Professionals are starting the year and they are reading up on World Auto News. Here is what it looks like in Google Trends:

automotive seo quebec seasonality

Where do people search for Automotive Terms in Quebec?

Search by Quebec CitiesPercentSearches
Montreal34.70%        1,929
Quebec City6.40%           356
Gatineau4.60%           256
Laval4.40%           245
Longueuil2.00%           111
Other cities47.90%        2,663
Total100.00%        5,560
automotive seo quebec by city
Monthly Search English Quebec based on a sample of 739 automotive keywords

5 560 Monthly Keyword Searches for Automotive Terms in English Quebec

We extracted 739 Keywords in order to assess the Competition levels and CPC (whenever possible) for the Automotive Industry. The average CPC was $6.79 but we expect that cost to increase significantly throughout the year. Below are the keywords that show a Volume of 10+ Searches per month for Automotive. Word of Caution: the following are not necessarily useful for you if you aim to reach B2C Auto Term Searchers or Consumers however consider that it may be quite an advantage to consider some Search Terms to produce Content or Add to your Editorial Calendar! 😉 Hope it helps.

Automotive KeywordSearchesComp. CPC 
automotive390Low $       1.17
automotive news260Low
auto sector170Low $       3.91
automobile industry90Low $    36.68
car manufacturers90Low
biggest car companies30Low
biggest car in the world30Low
biggest car manufacturers30Low
automobile wikipedia30Low
automotive manufacturers20Low
car industry20Low
vehicle make20Low
automotive products10Medium
automotive manufacturing industry10Medium
top 20 automobile companies in world10Medium
automobile industry analysis10Low $       8.73
car market10Low $       3.72
auto industry10Low
auto manufacturers10Low
automotive companies10Low
automotive industry trends10Low
automotive industry overview10Low
top 10 car companies10Low
top car companies10Low
motor industry10Low
global automotive industry10Low
car group10Low
best car company in the world10Low
automotive manufacturing companies10Low
automotive market10Low
top car manufacturers10Low
top automobile companies10Low
car manufacturing companies10Low
automobile sector10Low
automotive trends10Low
automobile industry introduction10Low
automotive cars10Low
auto company10Low
biggest car company in the world10Low
major car companies10Low
largest car companies10Low
top 10 car manufacturers10Low
top 10 car companies in the world10Low
top 10 automobile companies in world10Low
world car sales10Low
what is automobile industry10Low
worldwide car sales10Low
car market share10Low
car manufacturers ranking10Low
the automotive industry10Low
largest car manufacturer10Low
top car companies in the world10Low
list of automobile companies10Low
automotive industry market share10Low
automotive business10Low
largest automakers10Low
automobile production10Low
largest car manufacturer in the world10Low
world automobile industry10Low
best automobile company10Low
car production numbers by manufacturer10Low
motor vehicle industry10Low
automobile wiki10Low
biggest car manufacturer in the world10Low
car sales by manufacturer10Low
car manufacturing industry10Low
car industry analysis10Low
automotive supplier industry10Low
best car manufacturer in the world10Low
vehicle industry10Low
automative industry10Low
top auto manufacturers10Low
largest car company in the world10Low
largest auto manufacturers10Low
auto market share10Low
auto manufacturing industry10Low
largest automotive companies10Low
automotive industry outlook10Low
top car makers10Low
largest car in the world10Low
global cars market10Low
world’s largest automaker10Low
largest automotive manufacturer10Low
marketing in automotive industry10Low
world car manufacturers10Low
automotive market analysis10Low
automotive vehicle10Low
automotive field10Low
top 5 automobile companies10Low
biggest car brands10Low
automotive industry sales10Low
top 10 auto manufacturers10Low
automobile industry wikipedia10Low
car sales by manufacturer worldwide10Low
top automakers10Low
biggest automakers10Low
auto mobile industry10Low
car production by company10Low
car manufacturers market share10Low
largest automobile manufacturer in the world10Low
global auto market10Low
automobile make10Low
automotive domain10Low
american automotive industry10Low
largest auto manufacturer in the world10Low
automotive segments10Low
the car industry10Low
car maker ranking10Low
automotive industry definition10Low
automobile company ranking10Low
automobile manufacturers ranking10Low
global car sales by manufacturer10Low
world number 1 car company10Low
major automotive companies10Low
biggest car brand in the world10Low
largest car maker in the world10Low
vehicle manufacturers10Low
automotive industry 201610Low
automotive market trends10Low
biggest car producers10Low
automotive oem list10Low
largest car makers10Low
biggest car factory in the world10Low
number one car manufacturer in the world10Low
car production10Low
biggest car makers10Low
largest car factory in the world10Low
international automotive industry10Low
largest automotive groups10Low
automaker rankings10Low
what is a car manufacturer10Low
largest car producer in the world10Low
biggest automakers in the world10Low
automaker market share10Low
top automakers in the world10Low
most selling car company in world10Low
biggest motor company10Low
who’s the biggest car manufacturer10Low
car industry trends10Low
top 5 automakers in the world10Low
industrial auto10Low
world car makers ranking10Low
no 1 automobile company10Low
top five automobile companies in world10Low
biggest auto company in the world10Low
biggest car groups10Low
world’s largest automotive manufacturer10Low
ranking of car manufacturers in world10Low
world car production10Low
largest automobile10Low
top carmakers10Low
car companies in world10Low
electric car industry trends10Low
top 10 global car manufacturers10Low
consumer trends in automotive industry10Low
china auto industry10Low