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what is seo
What is SEO?

SEO or web indexing is a specialty of digital marketing to indicate to search engines the information found on your web properties (website, social channel, video, image, pdf document or other type of assets). Most of the time when we talk about SEO in Quebec it is with the intention of giving visibility to your website in a Quebec city or in the province and to be noticed by its favorable positioning (ideally the page and position 1) on Google, Bing, Yahoo at the time of the response displayed during the keyword search on a search engine user, it is also called SERP. The work of SEO makes it possible to stand out and ultimately to surpass the competition at the level of the result rank, thus favoring the precise answer that proposes a company or an individual.

What you can do yourself in SEO?

There are tools like Woorank, MOZ and SEO Small Tools that produce an SEO analysis automatically. Why not run a free scan to understand your real situation and better negotiate your SEO needs with your provider!

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Why is SEO expensive?

There are several SEO activities, many SEO agencies in Quebec will offer several SEO services including those listed below. The reason they offer you this standard list is that it's easier (and more profitable) for an agency to charge you for a "buffet" list starting at X dollars or $ X / month instead of going through the time and effort to explain exactly what does not work with your web property and focus on definitely fixing two or three problems right away!

Quebec SEO Services provided in Silo:

  • Keyword research and competition
  • SEO technical audit and structure
  • SEO content
  • Authority of your web properties and links

dangers seo quebec

The most common problem in SEO is that it is produced in Silo, therefore, not solving your bigger SEO challenges. That is why it is best to consider how an action holistically fits within Agile Marketing.

There are exceptions, some SEO Agencies engage in Agile SEO. SEO is sincerely difficult at times, especially when it comes to International SEO or very high competition and B2B as well as e-commerce. For those reasons, always consider an Agency that adheres to Agile Marketing or using only Qualified Agile SEO people!

how to save on seo
Save on your SEO!

The best way to save on SEO costs is to understand your needs and how SEO can really help and most importantly support your marketing. SEO is not magic but it can get very complicated! So you have to understand what kind of SEO is right for you. Depending on your specific needs you will understand what is reasonable or unrealistic as a budget. If you just rely on an agency's buffet service, it's likely you'll pay for something you do not need!

Think like SEO Search Engines!

If a search engine was a human brain, this machine would not need to rely on the relevancy of the results (the rate of click impressions on the page and the user's choice of the link that seems to best fit to the question) in order to decide which result corresponds best to the keyword search. This phenomenon is called lexical disambiguation and humans are perfectly adapted to fully (or at least better) understand the intention of a person. This is why SEO, for Quebec and everywhere else, is easy and difficult at the same time. It depends on the type of SEO that best fits the question of a user! A good SEO will adapt on many levels and try to offer the best answer according to some search variables.

Agile Marketing SEO for Quebec

Agile SEO Quebec
How not to fall for mediocre SEO

SEO in Quebec has become a bit absurd and there are good reasons why the situation may not improve unfortunately!

First, SEO is not regulated. Nothing prevents an individual from fabricating information online and pretending to know about SEO - even if he or she can not read a single line of HTML code!

An abundance of fake SEO in Quebec. With a growing crowd of people self-declaring their "expertise" each week and feeding misinformation and misundertstanding, how can one be sure of the real talent and the real experience that an SEO person holds?

The truth is that far too often, without a good level of experience, few people in SEO will honestly tell you that you do not have to pay for basic SEO activities because a good analysis of your needs would easily demonstrate what to do to get SEO benefits immediately.

The easiest way to find out if your SEO resource is really qualified is to simply ask what websites they have been working on and specifically which keywords they have helped propel on page 1 or position 1 on Google, Bing or Yahoo? Do not forget to demand that they prove to you that it was their work and what the keyword's performance was before and after their SEO intervention!

Finally, ask a simple Marketing Question!

Your SEO agency practices and adheres to the number 1 Principle of Agile Marketing?

"Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of marketing that solves problems." - Agile Marketing Manifesto

Types of SEO

types of seo in quebec
Types of SEO?

There are several SEO activities, many SEO agencies in Quebec will offer several SEO services including those listed below. The reason they offer you this standard list is that it's easier (and more profitable) for an agency to charge you for a "buffet" list starting at X dollars or $ X / month instead of going through the time and effort to explain exactly what does not work with your web property and focus on definitely fixing two or three problems right away!

Contextual SEO

This type of SEO often operates under two or more conditional variables. In this case it is useful to imagine that we are a user in Quebec and in this context imagine how best to answer the keyword question asked through the search engine. Often you will be able to determine the most likely keywords to better understand the intent and context of the user. For example, if you are looking for a plumber in Quebec City, your search by keyword will be different if it is a situation on the verge of becoming a disaster. The user will probably look for "24 hr unplugging" or "24 hr plumbing emergency" instead of "plumber city of quebec" (the second keyword is in the local SEO category since it meets the classic formula of the trade + city) . Above all, you will observe that the search will indicate a service or a situation and a state (thus a required action and the level of urgency). Think about it, this is applicable to several areas such as a dentist. If you have a toothache it is very possible that you will seek "24hr root canal treatment", especially when the pain becomes unbearable! Imagine the SEO opportunities you can miss if you do not have content based on these details!

Temporal SEO

Temporal SEO is similar to contextual SEO, but it best responds to time and conditions. It's not just about the weather but the cycle of the year, so you'll understand that this type of SEO is advantageous and perfectly matches the reality in Quebec!

This SEO is the most appropriate when it is adapted to the season, the month, the year or the day of a search in the Province of Quebec. For example it is good to understand the search for an active person outdoors and you can offer a "spa service in the forest", however the answer to your offer will change a lot depending on the time of year. A spa experience is very different depending on the months of summer and winter. Users will therefore adjust the search according to a time variable. Just as a search during the vacation time such as "trip to Cuba" will have different expectations if the trip from Quebec to Cuba is during the holiday season, New Year's Day or during the time of mosquitoes! And finally, imagine looking for "dad's gift idea" when Father's Day is today or the impact of an announcement during the construction holidays in Quebec, everything changes! We assure you that the keywords will be different. It is therefore important to consider the temporal variable and the user's intent when doing SEO work.

French Marketing
Local SEO in Quebec

The SEO formula that answers the keywords and the question business or service + city in Quebec. Local SEO is perfectly suited for mobile in order to showcase companies that are well established, so a fixed address in one or more city (ies). Search engines even have a prime position for these types of search, the results display under the map and provide information such as opening hours, itineraries and suggestions of places "nearby". The search algorithm will therefore behave differently for these types of searches. You can observe these types of SEO results through a business or service search followed by a city name or location, for example "Plumbing Quebec". Note that sometimes the local result will be displayed only when you display location indexes such as "Plumbing in Quebec" or "Plumbing near Lévis, Quebec". Local SEO works this way because it acts as a response and direction to navigate to a specific geographic location. It is important to note that a local business without a good presence and posting on the website, including mobile and social channels, will lose many opportunities to communicate with potential customers!

International SEO

If you need International SEO (iSEO), it means that your Quebec company does business abroad and you want a clientele that will require multilingual navigation (often 3+ languages). What is important to remember about this type of SEO is the support of the visit of the user in his corresponding language. One of the things you should never forget is to clearly indicate the language of your pages thanks to the internationalization attributes like LANG Content-Language: en-CA en_CA and the declaration of the type of document in your code . You will also need to work with a translator or translator to ensure that each page represents your business in the language of the visitor. Above all, you should avoid making misspellings because otherwise you risk losing your SEO performance since the algorithms detect faults, for example, one of the Google Panda updates is specifically aimed at de-indexing or decreasing page yield with errors, favoring quality sites!

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is essential for e-commerce but is useful for all websites. The idea of technical SEO is to make sure that your website respects coding rules (like W3C HTML, XHTML validation) as well as files and security (HTTPS) as well as the speed of page display no matter the device that a visitor uses to interact with your site. At the level of coding, it is not only a question of meta simple tags but also the reporting of all the information of the site through semantic tags schema. As far as files are concerned, it is important to note that the number one error in SEO is not to produce behavior and redirection files at the server level in case of missing page 404, sitemap. xml, robots.txt and even a favicon that is simple to install but often forgotten! The technical SEO is vast and quite complicated but can make you enjoy considerable advantages in SEO through encoding, RSS feeds and audio programming (text > voice).

seo for b2b
B2B SEO or E-commerce

SEO for E-commerce or targeting business customers (B2B) will be different. When we talk about e-commerce it's about posting products or services, sometimes it can include hundreds of categories and thousands of items. In this case you really need to be able to rely on an SEO that takes into account the product description and the complementarity of each product. One example, which shows how tedious this job can be, is in the category of renovations and repairs. A large hardware store can count up to 90 000 products and these have a unique interdependence and complementarity. So browsing for paint can easily produce hundreds of results if SEO has been well organized and follows an organized taxonomy of all products. You have to be ready to think about all the contexts, all the details for each of the products. You end up with millions of combinations and without some form of SEO automation you will never finish your job!

The difference between B2C (businesses that sell to consumers) and B2B (businesses that sell to businesses) is evident when we look at and compare the little traffic and volume of keywords sought in French in Quebec. It is true that SEO B2B, in some cases, is comparable to E-commerce but sometimes B2B is exactly the opposite of the complexity of e-commerce. The biggest challenge is that the search volume of B2B keywords is not very high and the information to build an SEO structure is not available. For example the keyword "Truck Quebec" will not give the same result or the desired audience for a person in supply in a mining company that must buy gigantic specialized trucks from a supplier who understands this industry. It is in this case that you have to imagine all the alternatives to understand the audience and not waste your SEO budget by identifying B2C terms (in this case it will be necessary to use a list of negative keywords to ensure a good ROI return).

This type of SEO is similar to that for Apps and product showcases on Amazon or Shopify, the SEO is different because it takes into account several internal indexing parameters to these vendors. In this case it is important to consult a person in Quebec who specializes in this type of SEO.

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