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Dentist SEO Quebec

Dentist SEO Quebec

Quebec Dentist Case for SEO SEM CPC

French Marketing offers SEO Service and Training for entrepreneurs and SMBs including Dental Clinics in Quebec. The following information provides numerous details regarding seasonality and keyword discovery of Dental Services Terms. We invite you to visit our Quebec SEO Page or contact us if you wish to discuss your needs.

We propose a simple solution before you get started. Agile Marketing is a “way of working” that always keeps the Client or Patient at the center of all Marketing efforts. When you proceed with a campaign, use an agile principle such as a User Story. A User Story is a Question you ask as if you were a Patient such as “As a Patient in Quebec City, I need to find root canal or emergency dental care information on a website for a clinic near me”. As you formulate the Question in that Agile way it will enable you to keep the focus on the target audience you are trying to reach. Try it!

Dentist SEO Search by City (Google Trends and Google Ads Comparison)

Google TrendsInterest
Québec City22
Google Ads KeywordsPercent
Quebec City3.20%
Other cities30.00%
Dentist SEO Quebec City

Related Keywords for Dentist SEO SEM in Quebec

As we have stated in our SEO Diagnostic suggested Methodology, disambiguation is a is part of the logic behind ranking on Search Engines. Below are the related terms semantically related to Dental Services Keywords:

Root canal treatment
Human tooth
Cosmetic dentistry
Dental restoration
Dental implant
Pediatric dentistry
Root canal treatment
Dental school
Dental braces

Dental Services Seasonality in Quebec

Based on the Search volumes in Google Ads you clearly see how July to October are the highest levels. This makes sense given that a visit to the Dentist is a common activity for Children and Students prior to going Back to School.

Dentist SEO Quebec Seasonality

87 Keywords and Cost per Click for SEM PPC

The following are a sub set of 498 keywords related to Dental Services in English for the Quebec Market. We have extracted the low volume searches and kept the terms that show the Cost per Click levels in Google Ads. It can serve as a base of a Pay per Click Campaign in a Dental Clinic. The current Cost per Click is at an average $6.98 for Top of Page Bid.

KeywordSearchesComp. CPC 
dentist8100Low $       6.37
dentist near me3600Medium $       7.85
dental clinic880Low $       7.74
endodontist590Low $       6.44
dental implants480Medium $       7.17
dental clinic near me390Medium $    10.00
emergency dentist320Medium $       9.94
dental care260Low $       7.98
dental crown260Low $       6.36
orthodontist near me210Medium $       7.82
pediatric dentist210Low $       6.21
prosthodontist170Low $       7.97
tooth filling170Low $       6.41
smile dental170Low $       5.57
dental bridge170Low $       4.97
dental implant cost140High $       4.67
dentistry for children110Medium $       8.97
emergency dentist near me110High $       7.65
cosmetic dentistry110Medium $       5.63
dental office90Low $    10.01
dentist appointment90Low $       9.21
dental filling90Low $       7.86
kids dentist90Medium $       7.68
dental cleaning90Medium $       5.67
pearl dental clinic90Low $       5.14
dental veneers90High $       5.09
dentist office near me70Medium $    10.44
kids dentist near me70Medium $       7.63
best dentist near me70Medium $       7.22
cavity filling70Low $       5.88
dental prosthesis70Medium $       3.49
pediatric dentist near me50Medium $       9.30
childrens dentist near me50Medium $       7.26
dental x ray50Low $       4.89
dental specialist50Low $       4.83
laser teeth whitening50High $       4.63
teeth whitening dentist50High $       4.21
dental plaque50Low $       3.55
alpha dental50Low $       3.41
sedation dentistry40Medium $    13.41
emergency dental clinic40High $       9.92
24 hour dentist40High $       7.57
family dentistry40Low $       6.76
nearest dentist40Low $       6.66
dentist nearby30Low $       8.88
downtown dental30Medium $       8.63
dentist around me30Medium $       7.27
cheap dentist near me30Medium $       5.82
laser dentistry30Low $       5.55
dental bone graft30Medium $       4.37
dental cavity30Low $       4.32
pearl dental30Low $       4.03
biological dentist20Low $    15.42
invisalign dentist20High $    15.39
24 hour emergency dentist20High $    10.60
gold crown tooth20Low $    10.04
walk in dentist near me20Medium $    10.01
emergency dental clinic near me20High $       9.42
dental implants near me20High $       9.35
24 hour dentist near me20High $       8.89
restorative dentistry20Low $       8.64
teeth reshaping20Low $       8.20
dental center20Medium $       8.18
dentist close to me20Medium $       7.64
general dentistry20Low $       7.59
smile dental clinic20Medium $       7.29
endodontist near me20Medium $       7.29
emergency dental services20Low $       7.13
kids dental20Low $       7.10
front tooth crown20Medium $       6.91
dental tartar20Medium $       6.20
root canal dentist20Medium $       6.15
dental bridge cost20Medium $       6.02
walk in dentist20Medium $       5.26
cheap dentist20High $       5.18
dental clinique20Medium $       5.14
dental extraction20Low $       5.08
urgent dental20Medium $       5.04
best dentist20Medium $       4.26
dental cleaning cost20Medium $       3.98
cavity filling cost20Low $       3.98
teeth whitening dentist cost20High $       3.65
dental crown cost20Medium $       3.63
dental cap20Low $       3.00
adec dental20Low $       1.72
dental gum20Medium $       1.71
dental burs20Low $       1.15

A list below details 87 Keywords useful for Dentist SEO and SEM CPC!

Now let’s take a look at Dental Keywords and useful Data. Review this information before getting started.

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