SEO and SEM Recap October 2019

BERT in Search News and its impact on Users

This month Search people discovered a new benefit of Exact Match. This is what you need to know about BERT, it will help users and maybe even save you some budget with Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers. Wonder where your loss of 10% in ROI or Audience went last year? Wrong intent of at least 10% of simple phrases!

More information on BERT

SEO Links Changes for UGC, Sponsored and REL No Follow

SEO LINKS – Maybe this will help to gain visibility on UGC and the rest will be disregarded with nofollow (less SERP clutter) as opposed to provide added transparency on the Sponsorship Link Building epidemic. It is doubtful that many publishers and SEO people will be honest and volunteer to divulge Sponsored links, unlikely for two reasons: cash incentive, the temptation to carry on because of the short-term benefits. Will we see a massive number of Sponsored links being openly and proactively identified?

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