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Agile Marketing at the Core of What we Do

You may not know what Agile Marketing is but you will like it! Agile Marketing is a Methodology (a way of working), the first principle of Agile is to set the primary objective and focus on providing the highest value for the Client as soon as possible.

The easiest way to explain why we work this way is to imagine we are Car Mechanics or Renovating your house. You know the bad feeling you can sometimes get when someone is fixing you Car or your Home and you’re not sure you need a part replaced, the work or tune-up seems unnecessary? Well, you will never get that feeling with us because we show you every step. If we can’t explain it, and if you can’t see it, you don’t need it! We think that makes good Business Sense.

Wait, you may be thinking, so does that mean that French Marketing wants me to understand Digital Marketing and eventually never have to ask a consultant how to fix things? Yes. It's as simple as that. A Coach is not just a Trainer and it is not just a Consultant, we are both. We are experts in our field and able to explain Digital so you understand. Our measure of success is when you no longer need us and are able to fully realize your Marketing Objectives!

Why not just take a course instead of working with French Marketing?

Good question! If you can find it, and it works perfectly for you, take it. The challenge we see however is that most courses are generic, they do not address your specific challenge however good the course content may be. That is why we believe French Marketing provides superior results for your Business.

Who is French Marketing, are we just smart kids working in a basement somewhere?

No, but of course when we were younger we did live in our parent's basement with our precious Commodore 64 We are now based in Montreal, Quebec. We have worked in Digital Marketing for over a decade. We have managed some of the largest eCommerce sites and projects in Quebec and Canada. We can help whether it is a small site in HTML, WordPress or even PHP/Java. We have worked on large scale SEO projects with thousands of pages as well as smaller local sites. We have managed well over $1 000 000 investements in SEM PPC Google/Bing campaigns. We can definitely help you avoid costly errors in Keyword Selection and Targeting whether you invest $100 or $10 000 per month. We can help you align all your Marketing efforts just ask us, we are here to help!

We offer three levels of service for Web Development, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Display and Analytics/Tagging: Digital Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced.

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