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English to French Marketing Translation Cost per Word (CPW) from $0.20 to $0.24 CDN

Our French Translation Cost per Word in Canada is $0.20 CDN for SEM PPC only and $0.24 for all other Marketing texts such as SEO, Display Ads, Social Media, Video, Websites and Marketing eBooks. English to French format is provided in .csv .txt .xls .doc .ppt .html and .srt .sub .sbv (video subtitle caption encoding for Youtube and Facebook) to make it easy for you to quickly upload to Adwords, Bing, Website, CMS or Social Channel. Our translation process includes five phases: English (source) Text Analysis to French (target), Translation Quote, Agreement, Production and one (1) Revision. Minimum Order is 500 Words.

Why is SEM English to French Translation cost per word (CPW) set at $0.20 only?

We have over 250 000 words of experience building AdWords and Bing campaigns in Search Engine Marketing. We run our own nameplate scripts and then check each word during Quality Check and Revision. That is why our Translation Cost per Word is set at $0.20 compared to the average $0.12 - $0.30 in the Canadian Translation Market today.

How To Save on English to French Marketing Translation

It's also important to note that we can help you save money immediately on translating English to French SEM Builds because we understand how exact match, phrase match and broad match works. For instance, you must consider that investing to translate every english to french keyword for broad match in AdWords is a waste of your money. Why? Google has changed Keyword matching in March 2017.

English to French Translation for Broad Match will consider the Keyword French Marketing the same as Marketing French, the algorithm sees it as identical because the words are automatically reordered. Not only that but Exact Match has changed, functional prepositions, conjunctions and articles are not always considered.

Imagine how an SEM PPC Keyword list of 10 000 Words shrinks in translation cost when you avoid word order and paying for translating “a,” “the”, “for”, “and,” “or”! The translated Cost per Word savings add up fast. To illustrate, take our SEM cost per word (CPW) translated to French of $0.20 your translation bill would be $2 000 but by translating only the important key words it perhaps can be reduced to as low as $1 000. This brings your Equivalent Cost Per Word (eCPW) down to $0.10 because your translated target text was not 10 000 Words but rather 5 000 Words!

Transcreation English to French for Marketing

We can help you transcreate english to french text for marketing Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Display Ads and Social Media Organic Posts. We will find the best call to action in french context based on your English Content or Copy. We will localize text ad descriptions and infuse our knowledge of the local market, french demographics and geography.

You already know that simply using reverso translation context from english to french is not optimal. We do not run a simple english to french dictionary translation. We approach the French Marketing Translation as if we are building the performance campaign. What we translate is the english to french context and intent.

We do not translate poetry, litterature and novels. Our expertise is French Marketing Translation and that is what we do best!

English to French Translation for Canada Only. French Canadian and Quebec Terms are very specific to our market, we do not translate to French from France or other Francophone countries outside Canada.

Cost per Word Translation in Quebec

Translation Pricing Plan

All Prices are $CDN ($0.20 CDN = Cost per Word $0.15 USD)