Do You Know What is Agile Marketing?

French Marketing has been promoting Agile Marketing Services in Quebec and Canada from Day 1 back in 2016.

You may even have seen our Agile Marketing Canvas.

The Agile Marketing Canvas made easy for SMBs PDF

Agile Marketing Canvas
Agile Marketing Canvas

First Time You Hear About Agile Marketing?

Start Here

Another essential Resource for Agile Marketing is the Manifesto, we invite you to Read the Values and Principles Carefully.

Marketing Post-Pandemic

Many Entrepreneurs reported a considerable slowdown in the last 18 months. Our heart goes out to you.

We understand when the phone stops ringing and the economy grinds to a halt. We also will not lie to you and claim that Agile Marketing can save you completely during a downturn like the exceptional circumstances we have experienced due to COVID.

What Now and How can Agile Marketing Help?

Our Team includes Educators of Agile Marketing at University and Agile Marketing Coaching.

We apply a very simple concept from Agile Marketing – Serving the Client instead of Just Selling to them.

This is why we are launching our Agile Marketing Advice Capsule.

Agile Marketing Advice Capsules

As mentioned, the starting point is how can we help.

We have launched a monthly agile marketing advice capsule.

The first one addresses two issues:

  1. Serve vs Sell
  2. Inclusivity & Diversity in Media

The Capsules are Posted on YouTube and are then shared on LinkedIn and other Social Media accompanied by Brief Advice on How to Apply Better Practices in Marketing.

Do we just say this and not apply it in our own work?


Are we Perfect?


Will We Change the World?

Not Right Away, but we can all try harder in the meantime.

It has to Start and Continue Everywhere in Media.

Take a Moment to Gain Valuable Insights from Google on Diversity & Inclusion in Advertising.

Awareness must Start Somewhere

This is a Very Small Step but it’s a Start.

Here are Examples of Advice Capsules

Applying agile marketing is about serving customers instead of just selling through campaigns.

Agile or not, it is our duty and an advantage to apply inclusiveness and diversity in Quebec media.

Do You Know What is Agile Marketing?

Applying agile marketing also means insisting on inclusion and diversity in media campaigns in Quebec.

We can all do better, agile or not, it’s our duty and it’s good business to include everyone!

What is Agile Marketing?

Is that All?

No, it is just the beginning.

Stay Tuned Please.