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Want to know how Agile can change your Marketing? From the introduction to Agile up to establishing Marketing Operations to foster all the Values of Agile within your organization, we can help.

Want to know how to establish your own Scrumban, Scrum Sprints, Retrospective, Reviews? Coaching Scrum Master or Agile Leader? Does Agile really work for Marketing? What if some Departments do not agree to comply with Agile Principles? Ask Us!

Are you preparing a Transition to Agile Marketing and require a Coach in order to ensure you launch correctly for Canada or Quebec?

Is it possible to implement Agile in SEO, SEM, Social, Content, RTB, Analytics? Yes, but you have to remember that to make it Agile it must all work together!

We Coach and Offer NDA-Protected Consulting in Agile for Brands and Media Agencies.


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what is agile marketing
Agile Marketing Definition

In a few words, Agile Marketing is a strategy to provide great value and as quickly as possible for clients. In order to better understand Agile Marketing (a term borrowed from IT and Software Development) and to establish it in Quebec, it is necessary to know the origins of Agile.

Producing in an iterative production cycle was in place in 1930, and would continue specifically for IT leading up to significant advances in 1950, but it was Tom Gilb who would be the first to have produced an Agile Method, EVO, in 1976. It will be necessary to wait until 2001 for the birth of the Agile Manifesto, which will become an essential guide for software development.

But why Agile Marketing? Just like in software development there is far too much waste, waste of budget and time in Marketing. Agile Marketing provides a balance between the needs of Customers and the production capacity of a Marketing team. In other words, quickly deliver what is essential and of great value to Clients!

Agile came about because of the limitations related to development as Waterfall, what sometimes becomes a disjointed set of steps. We will see why Agile Marketing, if done as a Waterfall, may not be suitable for a Client when the Product or Service is finally ready.

agile marketing in quebec
Agile Marketing in Quebec?

Consider that Marketing is one of the few disciplines in Business, in Quebec and elsewhere, that can be exercised as a Profession without oversight from a Professional Association!

Accountants, Human Resources and Legal have dedicated Associations with a Code of Conduct and Ethics that must be followed and adhered to in order to remain a member in good standing.

Despite the fact that Marketing has Budgets that often are much larger than other Departments, there is no unifying body that oversees Marketing People. Anyone, even without a Post Graduate Degree, can work in Marketing. Think about it, anyone could be spending and wasting your $1 million Budget! There is rarely consensus with regards to a Professional Association that can spearhead a path to competence and increase effectiveness in Marketing.

In fact, some agencies are so bold in saving money that they can tend to only hire people without experience. They even boast about it!

To make matters worse, there is a lack of Organized Individual Development to increase competence in Marketing, let alone Training, Help and an Improvement Plan that can be followed from a Professional Association.

Agile Marketing may be the first step in finally creating some order in Marketing Practices. It’s about keeping Marketing People Accountable and Guiding them to Improvement Solutions!

agile marketing for quebec
Agile Marketing for Quebec!

As we expressed over nearly a Year ago on our Partner Sites Scrum.Quebec and, it would be great for all people in Marketing to gain Certification in terms of Agile Practices.

Second, we must not forget that to be Agile, everything must be activated together and must be in balance for the benefit of a client!

Collaboration is at the heart of Agile Marketing, so you have to think about the power of Marketing + HR + Finance + IT + Legal + PR + Creation + Project management + Analytics etc.

Analysis of consumer behavior and market research is also at the root of Agile Marketing because Agile Marketing takes into account all the channels, departments and iterative tasks to be carried out or strategy to be implemented. This is proof that Marketing is often not fully real Marketing (at least ineffective) and Digital Marketing is really not Marketing unless you go back to the basics of Integrated Marketing Communication.

Agile Marketing and Departments to promote agility in Quebec: As noted above, Agile Marketing must quickly deliver value for the customer. With Agile Marketing, there can be no silo in the organization. A 90% agile organization is not agile! SEM SEO must align perfectly and be in balance with analytics, social media, creative, legal aspects, IT technology and marketing project management. Everything must work together!

Agile Marketing Challenges for Quebec

Agile SEO Quebec
Agile Marketing Manifesto

The Agile Marketing Strategy is distinguished by the delivery, as quickly as possible, of a high value product or service according to the client. In order to achieve this agile goal, the organization will have to bet on organizational efficiency using self-organized, inter-functional teams and carrying out work by iteration while adapting according to the learning that occurs during the manufacturing, creation, delivery of the product or service and/or upon receipt of customer feedback.

Marketing has changed since 2012 during the Sprint Zero, the 6 values of Agile Marketing are as follows: - Agile Marketing Manifesto

  • Responding to change
  • Quick iterations
  • Tests and data
  • Many Small Experiments
  • Individuals and interactions
  • Collaboration

Agile Marketing Agency Help

agile marketing sprint
Agile Sprint in Merchandising

The Agile Marketing Sprint is the launch of Marketing Activities in unison in order to deliver on Strategy.

It is not only a question of aligning the interests of the three participants in the market (Consumer, Supplier and Distributor) but concretely applying agile processes and organizational structure which will ensure the achievement of agility objectives. Think according to the Right Information to convey as well as the 5Rs (Right product, Right place, Right time, Right price and Right quantity) of Kepner quoted in Edward Brand's book "Modern Supermarket Operations" in 1963.

Agile SEO Marketing

First, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is truly SEM because SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is made up of cost-per-click campaigns on search engines and Optimization of your which is SEO.

Second, it is impossible to say that you do Agile SEO unless you integrate and balance each activity in a whole that is Integrated Marketing Communication.

We explained that SEO in Quebec in silo does not allow you to obtain a result consistent with Agile Marketing because the keyword research, SEO audit, SEO content and links alone are only an action! Balance is the secret of SEO and Agile Marketing.

Agile SEO in Quebec
Agile SEO and Web Design in Quebec

Getting SEO, SEM, Social, IT, Content, Legal, Analytics to work together during Web Design! The best sign that you are getting your team to work together and being Agile is to align all the activities during Web Development or Production of an App. As you recall, Agile Marketing requires that all Departments and Participants be present during the Review and that they plan the Web Design and Development collectively. Involve legal or Compliance officers during that phase to ensure you adhere to legislation and regulations!

Agile Marketing Retrospective
Agile Marketing Retrospective

The Agile Marketing Retrospective is a moment to reflect on empirical learning through all Marketing Activities and prepare future Marketing Activities.

SEM Agile SEO for Quebec

Avoid producing cost-per-click paid advertising campaigns in Quebec on the search engine without aligning with SEO because it is an opportunity to answer the question of the internet user (the intention behind the keywords). This is not only better for the visitor to your website (because it increases the chances they convert as clients) but will ensure a higher quality index of your web page, therefore a CPC normally less expensive to reach the same position versus a competitor with a low quality web page.

SEM Agile SEO and Social Media for Quebec

Let’s say you produce an awareness campaign on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn and offer organic articles to improve your SMO ("Social Media Optimization"). There will probably be useful points for your potential customers, right? It would be important to prepare your content as well as the images displayed on your social channel and to supplement with a link to your web page in order to capture the attention and keep visitors on your website as they go through the Consumer Decision Funnel.

Agile Traditional Media for Quebec

Imagine the loss of potential that you risk if you do not support your investments in Awareness phase on television, radio and newspapers! Your Media Buy in television solicits potential customers with a useful Marketing message, but they do not find you when these people go to Google or LinkedIn. Worse, these customers will go to your competitors to learn and buy! You have just created a demand for your product or service but were unable to materialize on the Interest it generated.

You can gain a lot of performance by aligning all your Marketing Activities together, do not leave out Traditional Media. There are many ways to fully integrate Traditional with Digital thereby ensuring that you produce real Integrated Marketing Communications!

scrum master scrumban quebec
Scrum or Scrumban Marketing

Similar to Project Management Practices, you can use frameworks and roles to guide your Marketing Activities. One way is to use an Agile Coach or the Scrum Framework and designate a Scrum Master, Product Owner and Team.

What is Scrum? Scrum (term borrowed from Rugby Sport) is a development organization Framework, in 2011 Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber would publish the principles of the underlying method in the Scrum Guide.

Scrum may not work for your day-to-day Marketing though!

SMEs and agencies in Quebec often ask us this question because the Scrum framework is not ideal for Everyday Marketing unless you are developing a Marketing software, platform or application. Scrum is perfect when you are in website, platform or Marketing App development mode because the melee (Sprint) aligns based on deliveries of 2 to 4 weeks.

Scrumban or Kanban is easier to use and apply every day if you are looking for an Agile and useful framework for SEO, SEM, PR, Social campaigns, etc. In order to understand why the Scrumban would be better in these circumstances it would be good to deepen your Agile knowledge and then certify yourself Scrum. All the material and videos are available on

Once you understand Agility and Scrum, analyze Kanban and Scrumban.

Just like Agile Marketing, there is no easy and quick way for you to master the philosophy, roles and agile frameworks. It is a unique journey for each business.

Kanban Board to enable Agile Scrumban in Marketing

One of the easiest ways to overcome some of the Scrum Follow-up Challenges Daily faced by Marketing Departments is to run a hybrid of Scrum Framework and Kanban, that is known as Scrumban. You can then implement a Kanban Board to do your Daily Status through its simpler and visual control format: Backlog, To Do, Ongoing, Done! Each member of the Marketing Team can then pick a Topic and Act on it immediately and instantly adjust for level of priority so long as the Product Owner Approves.

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