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sherbrooke facts
Sherbrooke Data
  • Founded in 1793 but for centuries was under the control of the Mohawk First Nation
  • Population of 139 565 in the City based on 2016 Census
  • Sixth largest city in Quebec and thirtieth largest City in Canada
  • Economy based on public administration, education and manufacturing
  • FSA codes are J1C to J1R and phone Area Codes include 819
  • 367.10 km2 (141.74 sq mi)
  • Link to Sherbrooke City Hall
Sherbrooke Geo

Latitude and Longitude of the City of Sherbrooke is generally defined as 45°24′N 71°54′W

Sherbrooke City is made up of Communities Rock Forest, Saint-Élie-d'Orford, Deauville, Fleurimont, Bromptonville, Ascot, and Lennoxville.

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Sherbrooke Demo
  • Language Spoken: English only 1.3%, French only 54.1%, English and French 43.9%, Neither English nor French 0.8%
  • Average Age of Sherbrooke Population 41.6
  • Average Total Income in Sherbrooke $50,836
  • 48.4% male and 51.6% female
  • Marital status: Married 28.3%, Living Common Law 23.1%, Not married and not living common law 48.6%
  • Family Size: 2 persons 57.4%, 3 persons 18.5%, 4 persons 16.4%, 5+ persons 7.7%
  • Link to Sherbrooke Census
Weather in Sherbrooke

Local Sherbrooke Forecasts for Weather are an important way to guide consumers in the City of Sherbrooke. Consider that there are 9 900 Monthly Searches using the Keyword "Sherbrooke Weather" alone! Adding a Weather Information Widget for the City of Sherbrooke might be a good idea!

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  • Sherbrooke 65.9 %
  • Montréal 6.8 %
  • Ottawa 1.4 %
  • Toronto 1.3 %
  • Waterville 1.1 %
  • Other Cities 23.4 %