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In order to understand the importance of Market Research and Consumer Behaviour in the context of Agile Marketing for Quebec let’s first define what is Market Research and how it applies for the Quebec Province.

Want to base your Agile Marketing on Marketing Insights and Consumer Behaviour for the Quebec Market? Ask Us!

Are you preparing a launch in the Quebec Market and could use some advice on how to tackle the French Market in Canada?

Can you use Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour to improve your SEO, SEM, Social, Content, RTB, Analytics? Yes, so long as your Strategy is nested in Agile Marketing, all your Marketing Activities can work better and to your advantage!

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Marketing Research Information

Marketing Research Quebec and
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French Marketing is your Guide in Market Research and Consumer Behaviour for Quebec

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Market Research Definition

If you run a Business in Quebec, consider Market Research as your organized effort to gather and leverage information about a specific Target Market (eg. Town in Quebec) as well as your existing and potential Customers.

First, what is a Market? Think of the Foundations of a Market, what do you need for a Market to Work? You need buyers, sellers, Products and Services. A Market allows buyers and sellers to exchange any type of product and service. But where is that? Is it always a Place? This is why we have to consider a Market as a location online or offline as well as the process of exchange itself.

  • What is the Quebec Market for Facebook?
  • What is the Market for Professional Hockey, Football or Soccer in Montreal, Quebec?
  • What is the Market for Jazz Musicians who can play at Weddings in Quebec City?
  • What is the Market for AI Self-Driving Trucks in the Quebec Province?
marketing persona in quebec
Marketing Persona Quebec?

As you refine your Market Research and Consumer Behaviour Insights for the Province of Quebec you will discover the Typical Consumers that can be targeted as a Group or Persona.

Importance of Market Research for Quebec SMBs and Brands

Beyond discovering precious Marketing Persona there are at least six benefits of conducting Market Research and Consumer Behaviour for your Quebec Business:

  • Understand the Quebec Market
  • Understand your Current Clients in Quebec
  • Find new Clients in Quebec
  • Leverage Consumer Behaviour in Quebec
  • Build a Competitive Action Plan to deal with Competitors in Quebec
  • Refine your Marketing and respond to Consumer Needs in Quebec
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Consumer Behaviour Quebec

What is the key to Consumer Behaviour in Quebec?

What is often overlooked is that Quebecers have their own pre-existing knowledge about your Persuasion Attempts to promote your Product or Service therefore you must fully understand and factor for the response to Persuasion Attempts when addressing the Quebec Province Consumer Base or a Segment. Always consider it as an Interactive Communication where classical advertising campaign messaging tricks such as emotional, rational, even sex appeal and humour appeal may not always be well received by Quebecers.

You must understand the Quebec Market and Quebec Consumers to do Business in Quebec, it is not just language (although never forget that it is the Law in Quebec to provide Business Messages such as a Corporate Website in French) – Quebec is truly a Distinct Society!

Market Research Challenges for Quebec

Market Segmentation Quebec
Agile Marketing Quebec and Market Research

As you apply and launch Integrated Marketing Communications for Quebec, a good way to ensure Agile Marketing is to be aware of the power of a Persuasion Attempts to promote Attitude Change in Quebec Consumers.

French Marketing is a leader in explaining Principles of Agile Marketing for Quebec Operations and Marketing. We encourage you to combine all Data Sources in order to inform your Business Decisions and Drive your Marketing Activities.

One easy way to ensure you apply improvements to your Marketing is to leverage Secondary Research through SEO SEM Data for Quebec. You can find many useful links and resources on our website:

What is Market Segmentation?

Quebec Companies should consider Segmentation as it is a good way to understand what a Market is and what its potential can be.

Market Segmentation is the activity of dividing a market or segment of buyers into sub-groups:

  • Geographic
  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Behavioural
  • Other (eg. Online Grouping, Gen-Y Millennial)

Purely relying on Geographical or Location Parameters to Build an audience in Quebec is Geographic Segmentation.

Targeting a Quebec Market by Age, Gender, Occupation, Marital Status, Income, Family Size or Education is a good example of Demographic Segmentation.

Targeting Quebecers based on their Values, Attitudes, Interests, Motivations, Beliefs or Lifestyles relies Psychographics.

Targeting a Group by Purchasing and Spending Habits or their Attitude and Loyalty with regards to your Brand would demonstrate Behavioural Segmentation in Quebec.

Other types of Segmentation are often overlooked by Marketers. For example Generational Segmentation aside from Gen-Y Millennial can include Baby Boomers. You may also create an “Other Segmentation” through Behaviour of Users as they Visit your Website – grouping only those who downloaded a PDF Brochure for your Product in your Town in the Province of Quebec.

Primary and Secondary Market Research

Primary Secondary Market Research Quebec
Primary and Secondary Market Research in Quebec

How can you further understand your Clients or Consumers in Quebec?

Ask Them Directly! Primary Research is Research conducted by your company through Surveys, Field Tests, Potential Client Interviews, Focus Groups and Market Observation.

Search for what has been researched already! Secondary Research is Research already conducted that you can use to support your assumptions about a Market such as Census, Government Data or industry Databases, Newspaper Articles and Publications.

Primary Research in Quebec
  • Your company sent Surveys to 1000 Montrealers in order to determine their Favorite Product Characteristics?
  • You Analyse the Comments provided from Facebook Users for your Office in Quebec City?
  • You receive feedback from a Question you asked in your Newsletter to Clients in Gatineau?

The above are all examples of Primary Research for the Quebec Market.

Secondary Research in Quebec
  • White Papers (Informational Market Insight Documents) produced by your Competitor in Sherbrooke, Quebec?
  • You are based in Longueuil, Quebec but are reluctant to launch your Service for Ottawa because Statistics Canada shows a recent Decline in Household Income?
  • Entrepreneurs often use this type of Research because it is less expensive to access, what type of Research is that?

The above are Secondary Research examples for Quebec.