HVAC B2C B2B SEO for Quebec

The following French Marketing Digital Case Study explores the SEM CPC opportunities and SEO required for campaigns in Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). We detail a few keywords to avoid for B2B given that many air conditioning terms are destined to a B2C audience. If you need some help don’t forget that we offer a free 30 minute SEO overview, contact us!

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How to tell B2C from B2B when doing HVAC SEO

The easiest way to differentiate the two types of SEO is to determine the search term that is most likely to fall under a commercial client category. When researching in Keyword Planner you will find related categories that explicitly detail HVAC for B2B

Related Search Categories
air conditioning company
air conditioning contractor
building automation systems
building system
heating and air conditioning service
heating company
mechanical system

HVAC SEO Searches by City in the Province of Quebec

We ran an analysis of 719 HVAC related Keywords and it provided us with the Search Volume per Month by City in Quebec

Montreal43.80%         5,830
Laval6.40%            852
Gatineau6.00%            799
Longueuil3.10%            413
Dorval3.10%            413
Other cities37.40%         4,978
Total100%      13,310
HVAC Related Keywords Search Volume for English Quebec

HVAC SEO Seasonality in Quebec

The seasonality for Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning must be determined by using two tools (Trends and Planner) because if you rely on one tool alone it will not give you the complete picture. Based on those two tools the seasonality peaks are determined to be from early March until August with a quick increase in January (we suspect that it is related to planning the year activities for Building Maintenance).

HVAC SEO Quebec Seasonality
HVAC Seasonality in Quebec

Keywords for SEO and SEM in Quebec

We extracted 719 keywords for English Quebec with competition levels and CPC. It is noteworthy that 406 of those search terms show nearly no search volume on a monthly basis but that does not mean that they are not valuable for HVAC B2B. In fact, it is probably those long tail search terms that offer the conversions that HVAC Companies seek. Nevertheless, we are providing below the list of the 40 Keywords we could find that have a $CPC associated. The surprising part of this analysis is that the sample of 40 (out of the 719) accounts for 79.26% of the total search volume on a monthly basis with an average CPC of $5.72

A word of caution, you can clearly see that the bulk of the Search Terms are destined for an Air Conditioning Service for B2C. Therefore, please select your Keywords carefully when doing an SEM CPC Campaign for B2B as you may waste a significant part of your budget if you do not include a strong negative keyword list in Google Ads, Bing or Yahoo.

HVAC Keywords English QuebecSearchesComp. CPC 
air conditioner5400High $       5.13
hvac2400Low $       3.26
central air conditioner320High $       5.01
air conditioning repair260Medium $    34.67
ductless air conditioner210High $       4.40
hvac system210Medium $       3.23
air condition170High $       5.18
ac unit170High $       5.08
air conditioning unit170High $       5.07
air conditioning installation140High $       8.21
furnace repair110Medium $    12.41
hvac contractors110Low $       5.79
ac repair70Medium $    30.30
air conditioning service50Low $       8.94
heating and cooling50High $       8.42
air conditioner compressor50Medium $       4.99
central air conditioner prices40High $       7.95
heating and air conditioning40High $       5.59
air conditioning system40Medium $       4.45
air conditioner parts40Medium $       4.44
central air40Medium $       4.38
supply house40Low $       4.17
hvac parts40Low $       2.98
hvac repair30Medium $    10.70
air conditioning companies30Medium $       7.93
commercial air conditioner30High $       6.62
hvac companies30Medium $       6.36
hvac service30Medium $       6.28
hvac supply30Low $       4.97
home air conditioner30High $       4.97
air conditioner accessories30Medium $       4.42
hvac unit30Low $       3.69
hvac maintenance20Medium $       5.88
hvac installation20Medium $       5.01
air conditioner with heater20High $       4.44
hvac supply near me10Medium $       7.24
heating and cooling systems10High $       5.31
hvac equipment10Medium $       5.03
residential air conditioning10High $       5.00
hvac distributors10Medium $       3.86