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Plumbing B2C B2B SEO Quebec

plumbing b2c b2b seo quebec

Digital Case Study by French Marketing providing B2C and B2B SEO Data for Plumbers and Plumbing Suppliers in Quebec. The following information compares the SEO required for B2C and B2B as well as explains how to adapt your Data when low volumes are observed in Google Trends and Keyword Planner for the English Quebec Market. […]

Dentist SEO Quebec

Dentist SEO Quebec

Quebec Dentist Case for SEO SEM CPC French Marketing offers SEO Service and Training for entrepreneurs and SMBs including Dental Clinics in Quebec. The following information provides numerous details regarding seasonality and keyword discovery of Dental Services Terms. We invite you to visit our Quebec SEO Page or contact us if you wish to discuss […]

Quebec SEO FSA List

Quebec FSA Latitude Longitude

Quebec Forward Sortation Area (FSA) FSA stands for Forward Sortation Area, it is a a sorting system for Postal Codes using the first three letters and numbers of the Canada Post Codes. The FSA can be used for both SEO and SEM Campaigns in Quebec. It delimits a series of Postal Codes to Target in […]

SEO SEM Oct 2019

seo sem october 2019

SEO and SEM Recap October 2019 BERT in Search News and its impact on Users This month Search people discovered a new benefit of Exact Match. This is what you need to know about BERT, it will help users and maybe even save you some budget with Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers. Wonder where your […]

Monitoring Ad Manager Status

Google Ad Manager Status Check

How to check status of Ad Manager October 2019 Service Status for Google Ad Manager Did your campaigns over deliver this week? From October 2nd to the 4th Google reported service issues ranging from metrics counting incident to proactive notices of potential overdeliveries Due to the metrics counting incident reported yesterday, standard Line items might […]


hvac seo quebec

HVAC B2C B2B SEO for Quebec The following French Marketing Digital Case Study explores the SEM CPC opportunities and SEO required for campaigns in Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). We detail a few keywords to avoid for B2B given that many air conditioning terms are destined to a B2C audience. If you need some […]

Home Builder SEO Quebec

home builder seo quebec

B2C SEO for Home Builders in Quebec A Digital Case Study by French Marketing exploring the B2C SEO Data for Home Builders active in the Quebec Market. Compared to Canada, we will see that Search Terms in English Quebec are limited for this industry therefore a Home Building Entrepreneur will have to use numerous related […]

Automotive SEO Quebec

automotive seo quebec

SEO in Quebec for Automotive Terms The following French Marketing Automotive SEO Case Study is for people wishing to reach an Auto Industry Professional Audience in Quebec and those who follow the World News for the Automotive Industry. Auto Marketing Tiers Auto Tiering at the Automaker level is understood in Marketing as Tier 1 – […]