Digital Case Study by French Marketing providing B2C and B2B SEO Data for Plumbers and Plumbing Suppliers in Quebec. The following information compares the SEO required for B2C and B2B as well as explains how to adapt your Data when low volumes are observed in Google Trends and Keyword Planner for the English Quebec Market.

B2C SEO for Plumbers in Quebec

Search levels, based on plumber specific keywords, for Plumbing Services required by Consumers in Quebec is mostly observed as a local SEO format (i.e. meaning that the keyword will be a combination of service + city such as the term “plumber montreal”).

The related Searches to the local format is also accompanied by some contextual terms such as “24hr Plumbing” denoting the sense of Urgency for a service. The following keyword list (note – Cost per Plumber Keyword averages $4.45 but kindly consider that the sample size is small and CPC could vary significantly depending on the time of the year) was created on a small sample gathered from Searches in the Province:

Plumber Local SEO Keywords (Quebec, including Competition and CPC)

Plumber Keywords QuebecSearchesComp. CPC 
plumber1900Low $       3.91
plumber montreal1300Medium $       4.47
plumber laval170Medium $       4.06
plumber gatineau110Medium $       7.11
emergency plumber montreal70Medium $       6.10
plumbing companies50Low $    12.20
plumber montreal 24 hours40Medium $       7.00
best plumbers in montreal40Medium $       5.34
montreal plumbing services30Medium $       7.29
home plumbing20Medium $       8.23
plumber dorval10High $       1.70

Plumber and Plumbing SEO Seasonality for Quebec

One will quickly observe that demand for plumber and plumbing searches peaks in July and continues until October. It is not surprising that the peak occurs at that moment since Quebec is one of the few provinces in Canada where Rental Leases are very often contractually determined to be 1 year Starting July 1st. We can safely presume therefore that the demand is higher starting in July because it is a time when many people move into their apartment and perhaps plumbing is one of the first things a household needs to take care of, especially if the plumbing is failing or if there are inadequate connectors for home appliances.

plumbing seo quebec seasonality

Plumbing SEO by City for Quebec

Quebec City4.20%
Other cities48.70%
Plumbing SEO Quebec by City
Quebec Plumbing Searches by City

B2B SEO SEM Plumbing Supplies in Quebec

To get you started in your SEM CPC Campaign or SEO Optimization for Plumbing Supplies related Searches, below we illustrate the importance of adapting your Geographical Variables for the English Market in Quebec as you attempt to gather Market Data. In this example below we could not gain proper CPC samples unless we extended the Search to Canada in order to gain nearly 50 Terms with $CPC.

SEO Trick: at times you may not find the information you are looking for and may have to estimate English Quebec Search Volumes based on Canada English Data. You would then adjust your volume to 10-15% for B2B in order to obtain a better estimate for Quebec. It may not be perfect but it is better than having no hypothesis at all!

The keyword list shows an average CPC of $3.00 on a sample of 47 out of a total 176 search terms Data gathered in Canadian Provinces:

Plumbing SEO Keywords (Canada, including Competition and CPC)

Keyword (Canada)SearchesComp. CPC 
kitchen sink8100High $       2.16
pex pipe2900High $       4.06
pipe fittings1300High $       3.51
stainless steel sink1000High $       1.94
copper pipe1000High $       1.44
pressure reducing valve880High $       3.62
pex fittings880High $       0.87
plumbing fittings480High $       6.99
brass fittings390High $       1.66
copper to pex260High $       6.28
pex pipe fittings260High $       1.30
pex to copper210High $       6.78
copper pipe fittings210High $       2.05
copper to pex fittings170High $       2.96
water pressure reducing valve170High $       2.90
pex compression fittings110High $       2.25
flexible plumbing pipe90High $    12.51
brass compression fittings90High $       2.12
pex plumbing pipe70High $    13.77
copper plumbing pipe70Medium $    12.07
pex pipe vs copper70Low $    11.61
plumbing compression fittings70Medium $       8.09
water pressure valve70High $       3.02
stainless kitchen sink70High $       2.08
pex pipe installation50Medium $    26.48
pipes and fittings50High $       5.98
brass plumbing fittings50High $       2.53
pex to copper fittings50High $       1.52
1 copper pipe50High $       1.46
water pressure reducer50High $       1.13
plumbing pipe fittings30High $    10.40
plumbing and pipe fitting30High $       6.68
flexible plumbing hose30High $       4.65
stainless steel tube fittings30High $       3.52
clear pex pipe30Medium $       3.43
copper tubing fittings30High $       2.99
compression pipe fittings30High $       2.12
flexible plumbing connections20High $    15.06
pex pipe for hot water20High $       6.92
stainless steel pex fittings20High $       3.63
1 copper tubing20High $       2.12
kitchen sink bowl20High $       1.39
plumbing copper pipe fittings10High $       6.86
stainless steel sink bowl10High $       2.66
stainless tube fittings10High $       2.16
copper pipe and fittings10High $       2.02
pex pipe and fittings10High $       0.89
buy pex pipe10High $       0.89