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How to Implement Cross Domain Tracking

We will cover mostly Google methods for linking domain properties but will also make mention other providers like Adobe solutions for dynamic cross domain tracking. Cross Domain Tracking is when you wish to track visitors throughout a set of web properties you own, an ecosystem that belongs to one brand or company. It is usually very beneficial to implement CDT when you want to gain better insight into the navigational path users take leading to conversion or to give a second chance to drop-off visits through a follow-up offer.

cross domain tracking with Google

Cross Domain Schematic

Let's take the example of a user that visits a main site > goes to a showcase page on a related but new site > and the checkout occurs on a third site.

There are three sites involved but only one user. How do we know that the original visitor went from site X > Y > Z ? How do we know that there was a sale and it was indeed user A going from X to Y to Z ? This is why you have to begin with the ecosystem schematic. Start by writing out the path, the pages and the web properties involved.

Cross Domain Advantage

What you need to know to implement Cross Domain Tracking

Possible conflicts in Cross Domain Tracking

Cross Domain Resources