The challenges in French Quebec Display Networks

Should Quebec have a 1/2 CPM Pricing for French?

The short answer is No. Obviously you still get a total of 1000 impressions for your Ad bid investment but the exposure and reach is halved in some cases.

Of course Quebec should not have a 1/2 CPM Pricing but as explained in earlier articles, Quebec represents a challenge in French Marketing because the audience is smaller. That does not mean you have to tolerate getting less than your money’s worth. The purpose of this article is to explain that there are display networks that can provide low CPM but think about it carefully because Quality may suffer.

French Marketing recommends seeking out high quality premium display networks in French for Quebec.

Let’s face it if you only use discounted display inventory there is a risk that you may end up with half the value for your CPM campaigns.

When two big boxes 300X250, or any same Ad format for that matter unless willfully and purposefully taking over the page, appear side by side you are not getting what you paid for even if the Ads appear above the fold.

Lost in translation in Quebec Display

Consider that the failure is not only the Ads being displayed two times at once, the bigger problem is targeting. Notice that these Ads appear in French however the page was configured for an English viewer. Even worse, the context of this search is for a translation from Russian to English. How did French Ads end up here? The wrong settings have been used in retargeting.

Gain better ROI from French Quebec Display

Below is a quick list of best-practices in French Display Campaigns for the Quebec Market:

  • Unless it is a sponsorship or page takeover, insist on one (1) Impression
  • Don’t just decide based on CPM cost, consider Quality
  • Review the Networks and where your Ads appear
  • Ensure Content Quality and activate exclusion lists when necessary
  • Ensure Ads are above the fold

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