Diversity and being Inclusive in Life Makes us All Stronger!

What if Marketing People truly started thinking in terms of embracing Diversity all Year, Every Day?

Even better – What if we Proved it through Actions!

Diversity in Marketing

Working to be Honest & Coherent Every Day

As Marketers we target potential consumers, we seem to have no problem gaining a Diverse set of Clients but does that same enthusiasm and openness reflect in how our Businesses Behave Every Day?

  • How diverse and inclusive are we in the hiring process?
  • How do the images used in Campaigns reflect People Diversity?
  • TV Ads and online Videos reflect diverse Cultures and Positively?

New Rule: No Diversity. No Client.

Let’s apply a very simple rule in Life (and Business).

If an Agency or Brand does not actively promote Diversity, they do not deserve Clients from Diverse Segments. They don’t deserve your money.